August 1st, 2017      SIB opened its first Electronic Payment Terminal (POS) with a local merchant business.

July 25, 2017           SIB signed a very important and historic Cooperation Agreement with China UnionPay International in the field of bank card payment and POS terminal settlement. 

August, 2017           SIB signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Guangdong Nanyue Bank. 

July 2017                 SIB signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with Bank of Guangzhou. 

Jan. 18, 2017      Silkroad international Bank officially established and opened up for business operations

Nov. 16, 2016    Silk Road International Bank ("SIB") was officially established in Djibouti, and the different shareholders signed the shareholders’ agreement in Djibouti

Sep. 28, 2016     Central Bank of Djibouti provided a provisional license for “ Silkroad International Bank “,which allow Silk Road International Bank to carry out banking business in Djibouti

Jul. 28, 2016       Chinese-invested companies,Silk Road E-Merchants and the Djibouti Government( represented by the Ministry of Finance) decided to jointly set up Silk Road International Bank