Silkroad International Bank


Silkroad International Bank is located in Djibouti, the capital of the Republic of Djibouti. The bank has been launched by China Merchants, Silk Road E-Merchants and other Chinese-invested companies together with the government of the Djibouti Republic of Djibouti.

It is the 13th commercial bank established in the country and approved by the Central Bank of Djibouti.

Silkroad International Bank is China's the first important financial infrastructure set up in Africa within the framework of “One Belt One Road” Initiative , it is also the result of the pragmatic cooperation between China and African countries in the financial sector.

We are committed to "connecting the Silk Road,making the East Africa prosper" business philosophy,we are also committed to "serving East Africa while having a foothold in Djibouti, connecting China to the World" development orientation.

At the same time,we help Djibouti to become "the Financial Center of East Africa,Dubai of the Horn of Africa"

While having a scientific, stable and steady, and coordinated development as its fundamentals and constantly exploring the market and deepening financial innovation,Silk Road International Bank is committed to becoming a market leader in a number of banking sectors with a focus on "science, soundness and coordinated development".

It is also committed to providing good Financial Services for the Djiboutian people and foreign companies in Djibouti.